Event details

Let’s introduce ourselves

ETC University - SmarTransnationalCooperation is organized at the initiative of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, as the National Authority for European Programs, in order to initiate a common framework for dialogue and learning for beneficiaries, decision-makers and all interested in European territorial cooperation.
  • National Authority of the Danube Transational Programme
  • National Authority of the URBACT III programme
  • National Authority of the INTERREG EUROPE programme

Who will attend the University?

We are waiting for 150 participants: public and private institutions and organizations interested in the opportunities offered by the three European Territorial Cooperation Programmes, Romanian officials, representatives of the national operational programmes, persons in charge of the three programs and technical experts specialized in specific territorial cooperation instruments.

What’s in it for the participants?

During the three days, participants will get familiar with the best Romanian results obtained under ETC programmes, will be trained in strategic and financial project planning techniques, communication and capitalization instruments. Participants will also participate to the debate session on the future of European Territorial Cooperation between 2021 - 2027, alongside with relevant actors at national and international level.